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Boost Your Brand. Deepen Customer Loyalty.

It is time to take control of your brand, make an impression, and make it memorable.  eCommerce packaging is 99% boring, brown, and without thought.  We understand - you’re focused on your product, on your Facebook / Instagram / Pinterest branding game, your click throughs, abandoned shopping carts and Adwords.  

At Best Mailer, we can help you create customized packaging in small batches on a smaller budget.  Here’s our quick guide to pimp your ride!

Stickers are a quick and easy way to put your brand where you want it.  With a 4 color logo or promo offer, you can add your brand message to your packaging exterior, on internal tissue paper, or on your order receipt.  Stickers can be purchased on rolls or sheets with low minimum orders.  For an ultra budget, highly customized impact, print simple Avery label sheets on your printer.  For high impact stickers, we like Vista Print, Sticker You, and Sticker Giant

Stamps are a super cool way to personalize your packaging with an artistic flair.  Call it grass roots, artisan, bespoke, whatever - stamping your packaging with your logo is just fun, and it is an easy way to pull off small batch custom printed packaging, on a serious budget.  To create your “Small batch” look, we like RubberStamps.net and The Stamp Maker.