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You Don't Need to be BIG to Look Professional

Posted by Bob Makofsky on

It is time to take control of your brand, make an impression, and make it memorable.

eCommerce packaging is 99% boring, brown, and without thought.  We understand - you’re focused on your product, on your Facebook / Instagram / Pinterest branding game, your click throughs, abandoned shopping carts and Adwords. 

At Best Mailer, we can help you create customized packaging in small batches on a smaller budget.  Here’s our quick guide to beating the big guys.

Inserts!  Enclose color printed post-card with your shipment.  Discount promo-codes are a are a great way to motivate first time customers to order again or to promote new products to your best customers.  A few common discounts include -

  • Free Shipping On Your Next Order
  • $10 Credit Towards Your Next Order
  • Order by December 1st and take 25% Off

Thank-You Cards and Personal Notes make your customers feel appreciated.  This simple gesture tells your customers that you appreciate their business, and helps you stand out from the crowd.  Combined with a promo-code, you're bound to deepen your customer relationship and increase customer loyalty.  A simple handwritten thank-you card with your color logo printed on it can go a long way.  

Go Old School - Get Letterhead.  This one is simple.  Order color printed letterhead with your logo on a high quality paper.  Use this paper to print your invoice / packing slip to make an inexpensive but meaningful impression on your customers.

For Inserts, thank you cards, and letterhead, we like Moo, Vista Print, and Tiny Prints.  These printers make it easy to order small quantities and grow fast.

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