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Is Your Packaging Unboxing Worthy? Do You Care?

Posted by Bob Makofsky on

Is your packaging unboxing worthy?  Do you care?  If you want a second order, you should.

As an ecommerce seller, your tactile touch points are extremely limited.  You need to make those physical touch points speak volumes about your brand quality.  Here’s 3 tips to make your packaging unboxing worthy.

#1  Make your packaging sturdy.  Nothing cheapens a brand experience than flimsy, damaged packaging.

#2  Use brown packaging.  It is no coincidence that UPS corporate color is brown.  Packages get dirty in the mail stream.  Light colors show scuff marks.  Dark printed packaging shows damage along the edges from crushing.  Stick to neutral, irregular browns and tans to hide scuffs and damage.

#3  Make your packaging match your brand ethos.  If your product is intended for environmentally conscious consumers, be sure your packaging is made from recycled materials and is recyclable.  Your packaging, disposable as it often is, must align with your marketing message.

If you are making sales based on your price alone, creating an unboxing moment is likely pointless.  Those cost focused customers will purchase from the lowest price seller the next time around.  If low margin, high volume sales are your game, creating an unboxing moment is not worth the effort. In those cases, look no further than a polybag.  Durable and waterproof – they do the trick for non-breakable goods.  Usually under $0.10 each, you’re sure to save on packaging, but expect to spend more time and money on social medial and customer acquisition since those customers are not likely to come back for seconds.  

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