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5 Tips to Bring First-Time Customers Back

Posted by Bob Makofsky on

You’re fine tuning your social media campaign constantly.  Cost per acquisition is down and conversion rates are up.  Getting that first order is key – but what are you doing to turn that single order into a lifetime customer?

Here’s 5 tips to bring first-time customers back for more.

#1  Include a thank you note.  Tell customers that you appreciate their business.  But if you’re going to make the effort, make it count with a little style and class.  Order stationary with your logo and hand write the note.  If your order volume is too high to warrant hand-written notes, use a hand-writing font and have it printed on an uncoated stock to give it that personalized touch.

#2  Step up your shipping game with packaging that customers remember.  Cheap and generic polybags and bubble mailers may save you a few pennies, but do nothing to make your brand memorable.

#3  If you want your customers to come back for more but you can’t afford custom packaging, use a rubber stamp or custom stickers that re-enforce your brand message.

#4  Schedule automated email follow up.  If you’re on Shopify you can automate email follow up with a Mail Chimp.  Send a follow up email a week after your customer received their order to ensure they are happy.  Follow it up with a 30 day note.  If they don’t place a second order within 90 days, send a discount code to win them back.

#5  Use discount codes to keep them coming back.  Let’s face it, landing new accounts is costly.  It is a lot less expensive to retain repeat customers with enticing promotions.  Offer discount codes –

“Flash sale – take 20% off orders placed today”

“Take 20% off on orders placed this month”

“Buy one, get one free”

“Order before 2:00 today and we will include a free gift”.

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